Industrial cleaning service

Maintenance cleaning, general, before – during – after construction/ events , carpets washing, Floors pickle and so on.

dezinfectie deratizare dezinsectie
Disinfection and pest control

The DISINFECTION AND PEST CONTROL division within the Velstand Facility Management ensures that pests are combated and eradicated and that you maintain a healthy environment (at home and / or at the company where you operate).

Security and protection

Security agents, monitoring and rapid intervention, installation of monitoring and safety systems, values transport.

Emergency service (Firefighters and paramedics)

Emergency services ensure the comfort and safety of the environment for a smooth, uninterrupted activity.

Amenajari gradini
Landscaping and gardening service

Realizarea de terase, garduri, gradini, lacuri, iazuri, sisteme de irigatii si montare de gazon rulat.

Construction of terraces, fences, lakes, ponds, irrigation systems, installation of rolled lawns.

Snow removal

Snow clearance, loading, transport and storage of snow as well as preventing the formation of ice using anti-skid and ecological de-icing materials

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