Snow removal service

Velstand Facility Management provides frost prevention services as well as manual and mechanized snow removal. These services are applied on the access ways, side walks and parking lots and we carry them in 5 counties in Romania.

VFM snow removal services include: snow clearance, loading, transport and storage of snow as well as preventing the formation of ice using anti-skid and ecological de-icing materials.

Snow removal can be done manually or using mechanical methods (pushing, blowing, friction) by applying heat or by applying substances that aim to lower the freezing point of water on the surface on which it was applied.

Throughout the experience, we have developed and improved a number of methods for cost, time and quality efficiency, using a rigorous selection process for equipments, solutions and staff.

Implementation procedure

  • 1. Initial contact

    Whether you are contacting us or vice versa, we ensure transparency and the quality of the information starting with the firs talk.


    In order for the following processes to be as precise as possible, we will jointly agree to a view of the property to be sure that we take all the details of space into consideration.

  • 3. ANALYSE

    We will make the documentation for a complete analysis of your property, focusing on your priorities. Finally, we will review the dossier and draw the best suggestions and conclusions based on the experience gained.


    Includes all the necessary documents regarding the implementation procedure, taking into account the standards you require, the regulations in force and our expertise.


    This process is activated as needed, being totally dependent on atmospheric conditions.


Outsourcing human resources and related risks

Know-how on performance of equipment and solutions

Eliminate the risk of damaging or even destroying surfaces

Constant and efficient activity monitoring and report generation

The existence of a dedicated account manager