paza si protectie

Security and protection by Velstand Facility Management

Velstand Facility Management offers security and protection solutions to your objectives that meet the most stringent industry standards. We currently operate in 5 counties in Romania.

VFM’s security and protection services include:

  • Security agent (fixed point guard and patrols)
  • Monitoring and rapid intervention (burglary,surveillance and video recordings,firealarm and signalization,access control and automatic timekeeping, automation equipment, earthquake warning)
  • Installation of monitoring and safety systems
  • Transport values (1-2 adequately trained security agents).

Throughout the experience, Velstand Facility Management has developed and improved a number of cost-effective, time and quality-efficient methods using a very rigorous selection, training and testing process for staff under the strict control of licensed institutions. We are proud to be an important provider of integrated services that covers over 5 counties today.

Implementation procedure


    Whether you are contacting us or vice versa, we ensure transparency and the quality of the information starting with the firs talk.

  • 2. Choosing the subscription

    In order for the following processes to be as precise as possible, we will agree on the type of subscription that is appropriate to ensure you are 100% protected.

  • 3. Recruitment

    We start the recruitment process in case we can not help with our available staff. We closely follow all the items on the list, we train and test to make sure you have the right people when it comes to your safety and the firm.

  • 5. Implementation and monitoring

    We actually start collaborating by providing a calculated number of highly trained individuals and ensuring emergency monitoring and intervention.


Outsourcing human resources and related risks

Know-how on performance of equipment and solutions

Eliminate the risk

Constant and efficient activity monitoring

The existence of a dedicated account manager